Case Study: Bookwise CFO

This project was a website redesign in the Accounting industry to make it nicer and generate leads for the business!

Website Design

The Company

The Bookwise CFO helps small and family-run businesses get better at managing their money with special services. They make sure businesses can keep growing by taking care of bookkeeping and helping them understand their profits better. They work with lots of different businesses, like real estate and healthcare, to help them do well and make more money.

The Challenge

BookwiseCFO, a financial partner for businesses, wanted to improve its website. The goal was to make it look more professional, work well on all devices, and be easy to add new blog posts and case studies without needing to know how to code. They wanted to show off their new look, attract more potential customers, amplify lead generation, and make it easier for people to use the site.

The old website had a lot of problems. It was hard to keep up-to-date, looked messy with design and structural issues, and didn’t work well on phones or tablets. It also didn’t have important features like forms, and newsletter subscriptions, and it didn’t show up well on Google.

Overall, the website was outdated, slow, and had lots of problems. It needed a big modern makeover to work better and look nicer.

The Solution

We made a brand new website that works great on phones and is super quick. We used a tool called WordPress to do this.

Because of our work, the website got better at showing up in Google searches. This means more people visit the website, and the company gets more customers.

We told our client they should have a special website made just for them, showing off their new style. We made sure the website was easy to use and looked good, but we really focused on making things easy to find and use more than just making it pretty.

It was important that our client could add new stuff to their website without needing help from a coder. So, we set up the website in a way that they could do it themselves easily with WordPress. We also used something called a modular builder to make it simple to put together new pages and to let them add blog posts and case studies without knowing how to code.

We also put in a feature for people to sign up for newsletters and added forms so visitors can easily contact the company. This way, people can stay updated with the latest news and get in touch with the company whenever they want.

Testimonial​ of CEO

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